5 things to eat for healthy skin


There is a huge range of beauty products in the market these days. But when it comes to solving your skin issues then it is impossible without having the best of the natural ingredients, isn’t it? This is where eating healthy is a huge contribution to an ever glowing and healthy skin. So what should you eat for a healthy skin? Here are some of the foods that promise you healthy and glowing skin for a long time span.

You might be thinking that I am an idiot but here is the point; chocolate gets you glowing. Cocoa is famous for hydrating your skin. Dark chocolate comes with antioxidants in it. Moreover, dark chocolate is known to reduce the puffiness on your face or skin as well.

• Yogurt:
If you are worrying about the wrinkles that have started to appear before time, then dump that worry away! You can easily prevent wrinkles with yogurt. You get protein from eating yogurt and this aid in firming your skin. Regular yogurt brings in double protein in it which is great for skin.

• Pomegranates:
Pomegranates make the blood flow of your skin excellent. They are packed with antioxidants which are amazing in various ways for your skin and human body overall. Having a glass of juice or maybe eating one whole pomegranate will protect your skin in the best way ever. It is the perfect shield.

Do you desire for a softer skin? Let walnuts do the magic! They come packed with Omega 3 fatty acids which add a great elasticity to your skin. This helps in making your skin soft as babies. You can eat handful of walnuts everyday so that they help in making your complexion better and also promote in softening your skin.

• Sunflower Seeds:
Just like flowers shine in sunlight, sunflower seeds promise to make your skin shine bright and that glow is worth it for sure. They are able to do so due to Vitamin E. this also helps in protecting your skin from sun. So yes, this is a natural sunblock for ladies too.

Do you ever get these patches on your skin and you feel like your skin tone is uneven? You can have latte with soy milk which promises to bring you the ultimate wonderful complexion that you wish for. One cup of this daily is going to bring out some wonderful results really soon!
Who doesn’t wish for a wonderfully amazing skin? Well, we all do! But applying tons of foundation or concealer daily to hide off wrinkles or blemishes or uneven skin tone, just further destroys your skin a bit. Yes, if you have good quality makeup, that won’t happen. But you still need to give it something natural so it stays hydrated and glows. Try adding these foods daily to your routine and see the magic happen!

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